Wedding venue

Expand your wedding venue capacity with a modular structure

For event operators, wedding venues above all must be designed to accommodate the needs of the guests, while also looking elegant and attractive. Although this may be true, much research goes into the design and construction of these kinds of marquees. As a matter of fact, our modular wedding venues are designed to keep in mind the logistical needs of a wedding, such as all the necessary facilities like bathrooms, caterer’s kitchen, and clear span reception space large enough to accommodate over 350 guests, while making it aesthetically beautiful.

Wedding venues

Before you consider purchasing a marquee for your wedding venue it’s important that you, first of all, get the opportunity to plan, design and customise the venue for your needs and likes. Whether it be the floor plan or facade, above all we keep the industry-standard practices in mind to ensure a quality structure.

All in all, there are plenty of customisations like facade options, large windows, elegant entryways, and more.

Wedding venue
Marquee Structure

Semi-Permanent Solutions

HR Structures are 100% renewable, all designed by leading German and Australian engineers to maintain the highest ISO compliant standards in the industry.

Because they are around 60% of the cost when compared to a traditional build, these structures have the durability and flexibility to be moved with ease to different locations. Additionally, you can repurpose the structure for use as conference centres, corporate events, product activations, exhibitions and more.

Why the events industry can benefit from modular buildings?

These large-size event marquees are customisable to virtually any length with a span width from 3.00m to 60.00m with a bay distance of both 3.00m and 5.00m, and a side height up to 4.00m.

Our marquee range is extensive and versatile – we can produce a variety of compatible marquees that are engineered and designed to seamlessly integrate with temporary structure systems of other major suppliers. This grants you the freedom to choose from a range of suppliers without compromising on quality, availability, or pricing.

Whether it be a wedding or corporate event, a modular structure can be customised to host large numbers of guests and will act as the perfect canvas to creating a unique and magical experience for your guests.

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