Skyline Structure

Modular Exhibition Centres

Need exhibition space? Or a show-stopping space, designed to inspire, quickly and efficiently?

Whether you intend to hold an exhibition soon, and your location has some difficult features, or linked to an existing building, HR Structures is designed to meet your requirements and can provide you with modular exhibition space that will have your exhibitors lining up.

Sophisticated space

Not only can a modular exhibition building be placed at any desired location, it is also made completely to order and in accordance with your specification and requirements, for the operational time you want. As a result, when your exhibition is complete, the modular structures can be dismantled and relocated leaving minimum impact to the environment.

Skyline Structure
Skyline Structure

Exhibition Space Solutions

HR Structures are available in span widths of 5.00 to 30.00m and side heights of 4.20m to 6.20m. Additionally, they are extendable in unlimited lengths in 5.00m bays. Custom dimensions can be manufactured on request.


We provide expert advice on what type of wall and roof system is suitable for your modular structure. There are four systems to choose from, PVC, corrugated steel sheets, sandwich panel, and Thermo insulation.

Skyline Structure

5 important benefits of Modular exhibition space:

#1: A Faster Construction time – Because most of the components are manufactured off-site, they only need to be installed onsite.

#2: A Less Disruptive Construction – Not only is modular construction much quicker and less disruptive than traditional building, there is far less noise and dust.

#3: Sustainable and Eco-Friendly –Basically, modular construction generates less waste, meaning the environmental impact is minimal.

#4: Acoustics. Accordingly, modular meeting spaces can be easily customised to offer acoustic performance.

#5: Versatility is key. Above all, modular exhibition halls from HR Structures are flexible due to its modular design, meaning that the structure can be adapted with little or no issues, including extensions, additions, and relocations.

Why choose modular?

No exhibition is the same, and convention centres are renovating to ensure they can adapt to different types and sizes. As a result, gardens, outdoor spaces are in demand, along with indoor spaces that can accommodate anything from an intimate group session to a thousand-strong showcase.

What’s more, as exhibitions look to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, spaces need to be flexible enough to accommodate new technology, as a result, there’s increasing demand for spaces that can be used as production studios for video.

Skyline Structure

Because there is more demand for highly flexible exhibition spaces that can be customised to fit the needs of each event with multi-function capability, event organisers are looking to modular.

Additionally, building these kinds of spaces – along with clear-span exhibition rooms – requires flexible construction such as modular buildings, the perfect solution that requires large scale expansion quickly.

The benefits

All in all, HR Structures offer eco-friendly, reusable, long life structures that extend the capabilities of an existing exhibition centre.

All in all, we can connect to the existing exhibition hall with permanent structure capabilities. Designed to blend into the existing structure and local environment, such as panoramic views of parklands or gardens.

And above all, our contemporary structures deliver floor to ceiling glass elements and feature white panel walls, providing access from the main foyer through to the main reception hall.

Talk to HR Structures today.

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