Marquees for all sorts of parties

Marquees small or large, you can purchase the one you need.

Whether you are looking to buy a large marquee or a permanent modular solution for outdoor events or wedding parties, our marquee range will perfectly suit your needs. Additionally, these large-size event marquees are customisable to virtually any length or width. Accordingly, by adding modular bays, the marquees can be expanded as required.

At HR Structures, we are a team of highly experienced marquee manufacturers who sell commercial marquees of any size. Because we manufacture event and wedding marquees for sale that offer exceptional strength, durability, and coverage, we are unmatched by any other on the Australian market.


Let’s Party

Whether you are after purchasing a small marquee for trade shows or an extremely sophisticated, clear span marquee structure, our marquee series has all the bells and whistles.

Not only does this marquee series come with a complete range of accessories, including sidewalls with clear windows, roof lining, glass wall and door systems, but also flooring systems.

These large-size event marquees are customisable to virtually any length with a span width from 3.00m to 60.00m with a bay distance of both 3.00m and 5.00m, and a side height up to 4.00m.

Our marquee range is extensive and versatile – we can produce a variety of compatible marquees that are engineered and designed to seamlessly integrate with temporary structure systems of other major suppliers. This grants you the freedom to choose from a range of suppliers without compromising on quality, availability, or pricing.

Marquee features:

    • Span width up to 60.00m
    • Modular dimension can be extended to any length
    • Side height up to 4.00m
    • Individual dimensions and fixtures available on request.
    • Purchase only option
Perth Structure
Perth Structure

The solid marquee

Not only are Perth modular buildings structurally superior to the classic demountable, they are perfect for trade fairs and corporate events.

Because they are efficient to operate, easy to maintain and highly durable, our innovative designs are flexible and adaptable. Additionally, they can be customised to meet your needs, while benefiting from the speed, quality, and cost savings of our specialised off-site, prefabrication construction processes. Basically, you can get span widths of 3.00m to 25.00m and a frame distance of 5.00m.

  • Sophistication in layout and design
  • Built to meet the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities
  • Built to last; each building is made using industrial quality finishes

A Frame Curve

Perth Structures are available in both A Frame and Semi Curve Frame roof design. Roof cover options are Clear/Transparent, Translucent and Opaque single layer or alternatively Thermo twin layer covers in Translucent and Opaque PVC.

Another key point is that Perth Structures are made from aluminium profiles with steel connection parts.

Both customised and standard accessory parts can be used in our Perth Structures. Additionally, we can offer additional fixtures or special solutions on request.

Marquee glass panel
Vegas Structure

Perfect for festivals & events

The Vegas Structure is very durable and can be used as promotional space, commercial retail, cafes, and for impressive product launches. Additionally, you can include wet areas, personnel doors, elegant entrance doors and so much more.


The Vegas incorporates stunning panoramic glass walls, outdoor areas, and terrace areas. Because these impressive structures do not require a conventional foundation, they can be installed on existing level ground, without the need for civil works – perfect for festivals and trade fairs.

Specifications for the Vegas structure:

  • Span width up to 15.00 m
  • Modular dimension can be extended to any length
  • Side heights fixed to 3.30m
  • Additional fixtures available on request
  • Custom design available on request

Basically, we cover a wide range of event structures, including marquees and modular structures for festivals, trade fairs, exhibitions and outdoor events available to rent or buy. Plus, our structures can cater to your brand’s location, space, and timeframe for the most convenient service. Above all, our team are proud to provide high quality, bespoke structures for events of any size and any nature.

The Jetty Restaurant

HR Structures marquee range

Whether you are after a lightweight, small to medium sized marquee that can be installed and dismantled quickly or a grand scale marquee that is reliable and affordable, HR Structures have the solution for you. Best of all, they are ideal for parties, weddings and events and are widely used by end users and marquee rental companies.

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