Sports complex

The trend shaping community sports facilities – it’s not what you think.

Sport plays an important role in the lives of many people in the local community. Whether playing, volunteering, or spectating – sport improves connection, builds skills, and creates friends for life.

Council’s role is to not only support clubs, but to provide, maintain and upgrade sports facilities across these communities.

Councils must make sure our communities have access to courts, ovals, pitches, swimming pools, and club rooms. Such council sports facility strategies include the need for these sports areas to have sheltered space, or even access to indoor sports facilities.

Modular buildings for sports and club facilities solves many of the challenges that councils face when considering new or upgraded facilities. More councils are turning to modular structures to fulfill their sports facility strategies thanks to modular structures providing a quick construction at a lower cost than a traditional build.

Swimming pool building
Ice rink

Modular sporting structures


HR Structures’ modular sporting structures are quality German engineered and constructed offsite at our production facility, minimising disruption to the sporting calendar and ensuring your sporting complex can be installed quickly. This makes the process more cost-efficient than a traditional build, while still providing a high-quality finished product that looks and feels ‘permanent’.

Our modular buildings are designed to meet the recommendations of major sporting codes by featuring:


Bathrooms and change rooms


Reception and admin spaces


Increased ceiling heights to support activity within the building


Heavy duty flooring




Robust wall materials to prevent damage from ball impact


Sustainable building practices


Dynamic building finishes to enhance visual appearance and blend with the surrounding environment

Can temporary sports centres be long-term?


Whether you’re a city or regional council after a small sports facility or a large multi-use sports facility, our team has the flexibility, experience, and hands-on knowledge to deliver an exceptional modular solution.

Speak to HR Structures today.

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