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Modular Film Studios

Modular film studios are built for purpose. Whether you are looking for a modular film set or television studio, our structures meet the time-critical nature of the film production sector.

Film studios built modular

Additionally, our modular structures provide speed of construction and suitability − both as standalone solutions and extensions to existing infrastructure, offering an affordable, sustainable alternative to a traditional production and workshop set.

Because it can be a demanding and ever-changing industry, our modular production studios cover every possibility.

Sound studio

Why choose a modular studio?

Locating large-scale filming space can be difficult and building a traditional film studio can be neither time nor cost-effective for many production outlets.

Above all, to save the time, hassle and unnecessary cost associated with building a feature film or television studio, we create modular production facilities that meet the demands and standards of the job at hand, while offering all the adaptability that is required in the industry.

Sound studio

Additionally, by opting for a modular film set, you are not restricted to one location. And above all, our structures can be both relocated and tailored to ever-changing requirements. Another key point is that our structures can be used as a soundproof TV studio or an insulated workshop and can be repositioned in a new location should requirements and or sets change.

Benefits of modular

Tight deadlines, changing conditions and diversified on-set requirements are typical of the TV and film industry. Our modular production studios are designed with these factors in mind.

With clear span widths from 5 metres to 30 metres. Eave heights from 3 metres to 14 metres and unlimited lengths in 5 metre bays. Basically, these structures are built using sections of vast, pillar-free studio space, each beam with a point load of 5 tonnes. Perfect for heavy loads, rigging and gantry systems.

Additionally, the internal walls can be fitted with sound insulation with acoustic levels up to 50db.

Studio hubs include both a large feature-film studio, and two smaller television productions working side by side, along with ancillary structures for production workshops and offices, with on-site parking.

All in all, our modular buildings are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be permanent.

film studio building
Skyline Structure

Permanent Solutions

Modular building systems can provide architects and designers a highly customised solution for any film studio infrastructure projects or developments.


Whether it’s modular structures for film studios, or other film production applications, there is a growing demand for premium modular infrastructure solutions that are quick to install.

Modular building systems are versatile and have been designed to adapt to various environments due to its reconfigurable and reusable nature. Most importantly it is changing the way people build by reducing the onsite waste that comes from more traditional building methods.

FIlm studio interior

With our Skyline Structure, you can choose from single-storey or multi-storey, with a range of high-end facade systems, such as iso panels, vertical glass, and steel sheet cladding. There are endless possibilities including atriums, balconies, and terraces. Perfect for a retail outlet looking for street appeal, the Skyline creates a striking first impression.

With a fit-all modular system, we offer an effective solution to your commercial building requirements, with minimal impact on your surrounding environment.

Specifications for the Skyline structure:

  • Span width up to 30.00 m
  • Modular dimension can be extended to any length
  • Side heights up to 4.00m (per floor)
  • Additional fixtures available on request
  • Custom design available on request

Film production essentials

Canopies are a popular choice for film production because they can replace trailers used for hair, makeup, and wardrobe or they can become the set needed for filming. Additionally, they can be used as equipment storage areas, break areas for lunch and snacks, or shade and shelter from the outdoor elements.

Canopies used for film production come in a variety of styles and sizes, and they can also be customised to fit the needs of the production. For example, structures can be customised to accommodate anywhere from just a few people to up to several thousand people. These modular structures can also be tailored to be open or have side walls, windows, and doors.

Whether you’re looking for your next film set or wanting to build a state-of-the-art television studio, we have structures to suit you.

Talk to our team of commercial specialists about your project today.

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