Industrial Buildings

Modular garages and workshops built quick.

Garage space overflowing? Need more sheltered parking bays? Our industrial modular buildings are the ideal solution to quickly expand on-site covered parking, heavy vehicle garages or workshop space with an economical, durable, and functional modular building.

Modular built garages

Where level ground exists, structures can be built without foundations, saving time and money. Clear span design allows for maximum use of the interior space with the option for automated roller doors for easy access, hard floors to withstand heavy equipment and custom eave heights.

Industrial Buildings
Cargo Structure

Garages customised to suit any size

3 GOOD reasons why a modular structure can make better garage space

#1: Sheltered vehicle parking

Need extra vehicle parking space at a shopping centre or mechanics workshop, modular structures can be a great solution. We can create a structure with clear span space, with full lighting and power, rolling or sliding doors for easy access and hard floor to withstand heavy equipment.

Industrial Buildings

#2: Garages

Car dealerships that buy and sell vehicles just never know how trade is going to go. There are times when they get a lot of cars in and not a lot out, and then equally experience periods where they simply can’t replenish stock quick enough, but for those times where there’s a higher volume of cars waiting to be sold than normal, a modular car garage is the perfect way to store them safely.

#3: Workshops

Workshops made from HR Structures can be permanent or temporary structures and can provide immediate solutions for workshops. We have structures that can accommodate maintenance facilities for the largest construction vehicles on a mining site and more. Construction firms look to modular structures for a wide variety of workshop buildings, garages, and storage facilities as they are quick to assemble and relocatable. Structures can include break rooms and safety meeting facilities for workers, and temporary facilities for those displaced during renovations.

Other uses:

  • Vehicle repair & refurbishment bays
  • Car auctions
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Commercial & fleet vehicle storage
  • Vehicle maintenance
Cargo Structure

What type of temporary structure is suitable?

Our industrial structures can be as small as 100 square feet to as large as 100,000. We can design our industrial buildings to suit your needs and meet any security, mechanical, and HVAC requirements for your facility and/or location.

The Cargo structure is a modular industrial building designed for the industrial sector. The Cargo is both aesthetic and functional, allowing you to create safe and efficient workplaces that adhere to stringent regulations, and international building code requirements (IBC).

Industrial Buildings

This makes the Cargo Structure an excellent option for businesses within the goods manufacturing sector that require economical structures fast. Perfect for garages, workshops, storage, logistics, transport, waste management and recycling, agriculture, warehouses, industrial estates and more.

These heavy-duty buildings are designed with features that offer long-term benefits:

  • Frames made from durable aluminium
  • Big enough and tough enough for heavy duty vehicle and equipment bays
  • No foundations – any stable level ground will do
  • As secure as site built
  • Portable – setup / takedown in a matter of weeks
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The building’s potential to repurpose allows for high resale values

Choice of insulated and non-insulated industrial buildings, with all-round protection in the form of PVC covers or corrugated steel sheets, these buildings provide storage safety and options for extensions, as well as canopy structures.

Specifications for the Cargo structure:

  • Self-supporting span width up to 30.00 m
  • Modular dimension can be extended to any length
  • Side heights up to 6.30m
  • Anchoring with or without foundation
  • Roof: steel sheet, sandwich panel, or PVC.
  • Temporary or permanent solutions
  • Additional fixtures available on request.
  • Custom designs available upon request

Site specific industrial canopies and garages

All our industrial canopies and garages can be configured to the exact site and operational requirements. In many cases they are linked to existing warehouses to fully integrate with operations and provide covered access for forklift operatives and employees. As with all our structures they can be further enhanced by adding one of the many accessory items.

Our modular canopy and garage building systems can be installed on all types of ground surfaces, and provides an excellent economical covered space solution for a huge variety of applications, such as logistical loading and unloading areas, automotive and aviation shelters, as well as vehicle storage.

Strength and durability are the key features of our Cargo structures. The main framework of our buildings are manufactured from maintenance free, highly durable and robust extruded structural grade aluminium alloy for the main uprights, rafters and roof purlins and corrosive resistant hot dipped galvanised steel for all connection pieces.

If you’d like to learn more about the Cargo Structure, request a quote or contact us today. We look forward to helping you create the perfect storage facility. Talk to HR Structures today.

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