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Sheltered canopies for your equipment now!

Whether it’s vehicles, people, or equipment that needs to be protected from the elements, a canopy can provide an area of shelter at your facility. Our canopies are manufactured out of a hard-pressed aluminium frame with a roofing system made of steel sheet or durable PVC fabric, which ensures they are constructed with strength and rigidity.

Choosing the right shelter

A canopy is incredibly useful for protecting the lifespan of the equipment it houses, sheltering employees and visitors from the elements. Because they offer shelter from detrimental weather events, they provide crucial protection for vehicles, people, equipment, and other applications. Any sensitive equipment that should not be exposed to the elements can be sheltered by a canopy, whether that equipment be a heavy industrial material, truck maintenance bays or even a petrol station.

Industrial Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Industrial Buildings

Modular structures such as canopies are popular film production essentials. They can replace trailers used for hair, makeup, and wardrobe or they can become the set needed for filming. They can also be used as equipment storage areas, break areas for lunch and snacks, or simply just shade and shelter from the outdoor elements.

Film production can come in a variety of styles and sizes, so canopies can also be customised to fit the needs of the production. For example, structures can be customised to accommodate anywhere from just a few people to up to several thousand people. Why not tailor it to be open or have side walls, windows, and doors!

  • Storage for weather-sensitive goods.
  • Protected loading of cargo.
  • Protected vehicle parking and storage area.
  • Shelter for sports facilities.
  • Walkways between buildings.

Popular uses for canopies

Sheltered spaces are useful in a wide variety of applications and are prefabricated specifically with their eventual use in mind. If you require shelter for equipment storage, vehicle inspection, walkways, loading docks, or just about any other application, HR Structures has the expertise to supply and install the right canopy for the job.

The shipping of goods from A to B quickly and efficiently is one of the main pillars of a successful business. Having goods-in, dispatch and storage areas working as close to full capacity as possible is essential to avoid costly delays.

The loading, unloading, and storage of goods under the cover of a HR Structures canopy will benefit your business enormously in many ways:

  • By giving workers a better working environment during inclement weather, helping to keep disruption to a minimum.
  • Protecting equipment and goods from potential damage as a result of rain or unwanted. sunlight, helping to minimise any consequent financial losses.
  • Extra floor space for the storage of goods and equipment when required.

Office & retail

Give your office or retail building the professional exterior it deserves. Our commercial structures can be created to complement your business brand. From over-the-entrance-door shelters to large structures that give a sense of grandeur, we offer bespoke canopies that will be the envy of your competitors. HR Structures have a wealth of experience when designing, manufacturing, and installing modular structures for large and small retailers, hotels, business parks, offices and more.

These are suitable for both commercial and retail premises wanting to create a prominent first point of contact between the business and customer.

Modular garages are one form of shelter that can be very useful for the industrial sector, especially when you need to protect a fleet of trucks or machinery. These are designed to protect such assets, but it doesn’t require the same work as building a permanent garage, nor the cost and space to construct.

Add a playground shelter to benefit your whole school community! We use a durable PVC fabric which is waterproof and provides 100% UV protection so you will get full protection from the sun, rain and wind. The light transmission through the fabric is however very high, so students can easily read, write, or enjoy activities underneath it. Best of all, they are cost-effective, quick to install and guarantee a visually attractive enhancement to your school site.

Industrial & Commercial

Canopies offer a cost-effective and ideal solution for protecting your goods, equipment, people, and vehicles from damage by weathering, but also the threat of theft or vandalism.

No matter the type of business you are running, whether it be working from a warehouse, loading bay or logistics centre, or a retailer looking to add a stylish feature and help make a positive first impression, HR Structures can aid your business with the right canopy structure.

Manufactured from hard wearing, durable materials that are sure to withstand the effects of weathering for many years to come, we offer a range of configurations that can be tailored to your requirements and specifications.

Talk to HR Structures today.

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