Build temporary warehouse space

Businesses needing to extend their warehousing space are often experiencing growth, above all, warehouse space needs to be found quickly to capitalise on that growth. Building temporary space onto existing warehouse is certainly one way to ensure these commercial opportunities are met.

Additionally, temporary warehouse buildings can mean the difference between a successful season or a botched distribution where product is mishandled, stored poorly and personnel must repeat work trying to get to product that is buried under other product. All things considered, most warehouses can benefit from an open plan where product is not stacked on top of other product. Basically, ease of access is vital.

Industrial Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Industrial Buildings

When seasons end and distribution finishes, instead of allowing your warehouse building to lie empty or underutilised, consider that you can either repurpose the structure for another use or remove it entirely.

Warehouses built fast

Extend your warehouse space onsite

Whether you need to build temporary space onto an existing warehouse or simply require more storage, a temporary warehouse building is certainly worth considering. As a matter of fact, given the modular nature of these structures it can be relatively easy to reconfigure them into canopy structures and create bespoke links to your current warehouse. Because of this the methods of extending warehousing space with temporary buildings can be adapted to different circumstances.

If you have the space onsite, then you can have a temporary building installed for additional warehousing purposes in a matter of weeks. How? Because these structures are bolted down to existing level hard ground and typically don’t need any kind of groundworks or foundations.

Not only does this achieve significant time savings, but also cost. Savings in labour, equipment, and time onsite are huge. This coupled with the ability to have extra warehouse space up and running means any return on investment will come in much quicker.

After all these commercial advantages, using a temporary structure for a warehouse extension will keep your business responsive and options flexible.

Different types of temporary warehouse extensions


Temporary Canopy extensions

If you wanted to extend your warehouse with a dry holding area for goods prior to dispatch, you could use a temporary canopy structure. Additionally, these can be linked to your warehouse to ensure full integration and can be configured with just a roof, or with walls as well.

Canopy temporary structures are also used for goods in/out areas and, again, can be easily linked to the warehouse facility.


Other reasons to use a temporary building to extend warehousing

Growth is the obvious reason for extending site space and facilities. Another key point is weather protection. Customer expectations and industry regulations continue to tighten in terms of wet damage to pallets and goods with the slightest bit of damp leading to whole pallet loads being scraped in some cases.

To avoid any repercussions temporary structures are an ideal way to ensure goods are never left in the open during loading, holding or long-term storing.

HR Structures

HR Structures’ industrial canopies and warehouse range are ideal for creating quick and economical covered space for loading/unloading, temporary storage or recycling.

Engineered from a lightweight aluminium frame and an industrial grade PVC roofing system or steel sheet panels, our industrial warehouse range can be supplied in different configurations. Structures can be supplied with customised wall heights of 6.30m and clear span widths of 30.00m, in unlimited lengths in 5.00m bays. Plus, any number of walls can be added. Wall panels can either be corrugated steel sheeting or PVC side panels.

Additionally, structures can usually take around 4 days to install and can be used on a temporary or permanent basis. Both hire or sale contracts offer flexible options around dismantling, removal, relocation, or resale.

Whatever your business needs in terms of a warehouse extension, feel free to talk to HR Structures, the experts in industrial and commercial temporary buildings.

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